Proletariat drops new EP

Do you like heavy music and such band as Veil of Maya and  The Amity Affliction then you will love this bands straight out of dirty Jersey called Proletariat from in and around different parts of New Jersey the band is made up of 5 members

 Jimmy Allan - Vocals

 Kent Kingston - Guitar

 Ray Frusco- Guitar

 Keith Kohlhepp - Bass

 Joe Libraro - Drums

 This band is one band you need to see in 2017/2018 they will blow your mind for a small local band from the metal scene in New Jersey from the satanic vocals from Jimmy Allan and the blast beats of the drums from Joe Libraro this band will be shure to please any hardcore metalcore and or deathcore fan check them out on Spotify, Bandcamp, and other places they just put out a killer ep called violent Hearts featuring tracks are


1. Identity Crisis

2. Selling Self Hate

3. In the essence of Time

4. Insengard


My favorite track is Insengard (hardest track on the whole ep)


Check it out here on Spotify