New Jersey Hardcore band Player Hater taking over New Jersey and beyond!

Do you like such bands as slayer, All Out War, Terror, 100 Demons,  or iron price? Then you will love this awesome fresh off the block Metal and Hardcore band from scattered parts of the Garden State aka New Jersey. You might have seen them blasting away in a New Brunswick basement show or in a video on YouTube or even blasting in your headphones. The new demo that came out in 2017 is sure to make you mosh hard in your living room the tracks include

1. Downfall

2. Dystopia

3. Reckoning

4. Nowhere

This 4 song demo is filled front to back with in your face vocals and slamming old school guitar riffs like it's straight out of a 80's and 90's hardcore and punk album you can check it out here for free on Bandcamp at

Members include

Jessie Lee (Vocals)

Chris Bacchus (Guitar)

James Smith (Guitar/Vocals)

Phil Prnt (Bass)

Ant Ferro aka A-DOG (Drums)

Usually this is where I add my favorite track from the album but I can't just pick one because it's all different in its own way but you need to see them before they blow up!

Upcoming shows

Feb 17th (New Brunswick NJ)

March 18th (Philly PA)

April 21 [ToxicFest] (Teaneck NJ)

Come out to a show near you and remember (acab)


Live at E Blocc in New Brunswick Nj aka HCHC

New Band Revive//Recover drops a new single called "A Life Like Mine "

Do you like such bands as "For The Fallen Dreams", "The Ghost Inside", "American Me" and others then you will love this awesome new single "A Life Like Mine" by the brand new Melodic Hardcore band from scattered parts of New Jersey called Revive//Recover its awesome from the heavy hitting instrumentals and the near perfect vocals you would think this band is already signed and touring if i showed you without saying they never even played a show not even once you can checkout the band by liking them on Facebook at

also checkout the brand new hard hitting single right here


Proletariat drops new EP

Do you like heavy music and such band as Veil of Maya and  The Amity Affliction then you will love this bands straight out of dirty Jersey called Proletariat from in and around different parts of New Jersey the band is made up of 5 members

 Jimmy Allan - Vocals

 Kent Kingston - Guitar

 Ray Frusco- Guitar

 Keith Kohlhepp - Bass

 Joe Libraro - Drums

 This band is one band you need to see in 2017/2018 they will blow your mind for a small local band from the metal scene in New Jersey from the satanic vocals from Jimmy Allan and the blast beats of the drums from Joe Libraro this band will be shure to please any hardcore metalcore and or deathcore fan check them out on Spotify, Bandcamp, and other places they just put out a killer ep called violent Hearts featuring tracks are


1. Identity Crisis

2. Selling Self Hate

3. In the essence of Time

4. Insengard


My favorite track is Insengard (hardest track on the whole ep)


Check it out here on Spotify



New Jersey's Theory In Context drops a new music video for the song - "Chemicals"

Do you like popunk and music videos filmed in some random dudes house? Then you will love this awesome new video from New Jersey's own Theory In Context for the new hit single "Chemicals" the video was shot edited and directed by Eric DiCarlo  this band makes me remember bands like Crime In Stereo and The Years Gone By and an old New Jersey popunk band from Edison New Jersey called The Nightlife you are going to love this video ot will have you doing posi jumps with your bass in no time. Check it out right here!

New Jerseys indie rock band Fun While You Wait

You might know the band if you are around the Asbury Park Music scene this band features 

Devon Moore - Ukulele/Vocals 

Keith Leming - Drums 

Kevin Newcomb - Bass

Burce Keywinski Jr  - Trumpet 

And all together you get Fun While You Wait you can check them out on Spotify iTunes and other places or check it out on the bands website over at

The first album they put out was  

"Fun While You Wait" - Self title EP (2015) 

 also had a cover of Blue Christmas by Elvis on the Arose Such A Clatter compilation in (2015)

  Continuity - 2016

Of Course  - 2017 (Coming out September1st 2017)


Next few shows (To Be Announced very soon)

This is one band you should check out in 2017/18 they are doing big things in and around New Jersey  

Music can be found on iTunes and Google play, bandcamp and more