New Jerseys indie rock band Fun While You Wait

You might know the band if you are around the Asbury Park Music scene this band features 

Devon Moore - Ukulele/Vocals 

Keith Leming - Drums 

Kevin Newcomb - Bass

Burce Keywinski Jr  - Trumpet 

And all together you get Fun While You Wait you can check them out on Spotify iTunes and other places or check it out on the bands website over at

The first album they put out was  

"Fun While You Wait" - Self title EP (2015) 

 also had a cover of Blue Christmas by Elvis on the Arose Such A Clatter compilation in (2015)

  Continuity - 2016

Of Course  - 2017 (Coming out September1st 2017)


Next few shows (To Be Announced very soon)

This is one band you should check out in 2017/18 they are doing big things in and around New Jersey  

Music can be found on iTunes and Google play, bandcamp and more